(Why?) do we watch it? It is entertaining. We want to learn things from YouTubers and enjoy their life with their videos. They want their subscribers to be entertained by them. Subscribers need good quality content on youtube in order to entertain themselves. Some of the YouTubers they like can grow a following and become successful person on youtube. You have probably heard about KSI or Pewdiepie, or Wroetoshaw, but there may be other YouTubers you have never heard about. Some YouTubers make youtube videos to entertain their subscribers and themselves, so they can grow a following and become youtube awesome. youtube is an entertainment site; therefore youtube awesome help youtube to be entertaining more with youtube content that entertains the viewers of youtube: it is YouTubers uploading videos, which contain entertaining content and/or playing games etc. on camera!

I think youtube (and other sites) need good quality (or higher standard) entertaining video(s). Everyone needs to entertain themselves so youtube becomes popular by the number of views due to people watching them for pleasure or learning things etc. There are many types of people in this world I’ve seen some who like family-friendly funny content others who like youtube prank videos like big Jon and others who want to learn something. youtube is an entertainment site but in order for youtube (and other sites) to be successful youtube people need youtube content that entertains. We need youtube awesome entertaining youtube content because it can be popular if everyone likes your brand of entertainment or style…

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I have a few reasons why we watch youtube: [1] But I’ll write about the main reason because I think this youtube story is very important, you may have heard it before from other people; “everyone needs to entertain themselves”. People need/like good quality interesting youtube (or any other internet video) content on youtube where they can spend their time watching. It must be entertaining and not boring [2] youtube is a source of interest. youtube contains interesting youtube content and youtube people are entertaining, youtube is awesome, that’s why we watch youtube (it’s fun to watch). People like watching youtube user videos because youtube users upload interesting youtube content.

Youtube needs good high standard video(s) because YouTubers upload their Youtube videos for entertainment, so youtube becomes an entertaining site by the number of views due to people wanting to be entertained in one way or another. Some may want family-friendly funny videos others may prefer tv pranksters but most people need some form of entertainment that comes from different genres on sites like YouTube. If there wasn’t any quality (or higher standards) it would become boring and not as successful which will lose viewers and youtube awesome youtube content.