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Who Is Irfan Mirza


Irfan Mirza is a digital marketer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated a unique ability to drive traffic and increase online visibility for his clients. His deep understanding of SEO, PPC, and social media marketing has enabled him to deliver impressive results time and time again.

Before entering the world of digital marketing, Irfan worked in real-world marketing, selling products in small shops and learning the ins and outs of customer service and sales. However, he always had a passion for the internet and the endless possibilities it offered. This led him to start his own blog on, where he received his first taste of success in the form of $100 from AdSense. This small victory sparked a fire in Irfan, and he knew that he wanted to build a career in the digital world.

After working in call centers for a while, Irfan landed a job in a Lahore software house. It was here that he truly began to hone his skills as a digital marketer. He worked diligently to learn as much as he could about the latest trends and techniques in the industry, and he quickly became known as a go-to resource for all things digital. In addition to his day job, Irfan also started freelancing on ODesk and Elance (now Upwork), taking on a variety of projects and building a solid reputation as a reliable and skilled contractor.

After four years of working in software houses, Irfan decided it was time to take the next step in his career. In 2014, he founded Quality SEO, his own digital marketing Agency. Since then, he has been helping businesses of all sizes succeed online through his expert knowledge and proven strategies. Whether it’s ranking websites on the first page of Google, increasing social media engagement, or boosting online reviews, Irfan has a track record of delivering results for his clients.

Throughout his career, Irfan has always been driven by a desire to help others. He takes great pride in the work he does and is always looking for new ways to improve and grow. Whether he’s working with a small local business or a large multinational corporation, Irfan approaches every project with the same level of dedication and professionalism. If you’re looking for a digital marketer who can take your business to the next level, Irfan Mirza is the man for the job.

Irfan Mirza SEO


In addition to his expertise in Local SEO, Irfan is also proficient in organic website ranking. In 2017, he successfully ranked over 300,000 search keywords for a website, only to be penalized by Google for link spam. Undeterred, Irfan worked hard to correct the issue and used his magic tricks to rank the website in the top three positions organically. This experience has given him a deep understanding of how to achieve long-term, sustainable success in organic search results..